Off Your Beaten Path Photography

Nicole Goodman

Nicole Goodman was born and raised in Central Florida. Taking pictures was always one of her hobbies. In fact, her son often said she was the paparazzi because she always had a camera in hand… ready to capture life ‘s most important moments. She graduated from Rollins College with a degree in Organizational Behavior. After an awesome career in higher education, she ventured down many different career paths… which ultimately led her to Alaska. One thing was always a theme in her adult life, searching for the next big adventure. She loves to travel and her love for photography goes hand in hand with that! After a visit to Alaska via cruise she and her husband decided that they had to return! The landscape and community of Skagway captured their hearts, which led to a seasonal life in Skagway. After three years, she and her husband made the transition to call Skagway home. She is a natural story teller and enjoys using photography to share her narrative. Spanning the world has provided her an opportunity to capture slivers of time that evoke emotion and inspiration.

In Skagway:

  • Klondike Bikes
  • Glacial Coffeehouse
  • Klondike Gift Supply