Bruce Schindler: Craftsman, Storyteller, Goldsmith

I started life in Skagway driving a tour bus back in ’93 and just never went home. I’d just graduated from University of Washington in Seattle and had a passion for travel and adventure, but no firm direction until I discovered sculpting ancient ivory  and later gold smithing. To build a life in Skagway crafting ancient ivory and raw Klondike placer gold has been a great adventure been a great adventure and to bring the story of these materials to life has been my most noble pursuit. I still work a bit of ivory but crafting raw high karat Klondike gold is now my primary passion. The story of the gold from the early days of Skagway to working the individual creeks of Dawson City and the old timers and modern miners with their larger-then-life stories gives the gold such depth of character to work with. The unrefined high karat raw gold is brighter, heavier and silkier than you can imagine without touching it. It’s beautiful, it’s vibrant, it’s haunting. This gold has a soul and I am blessed and privileged to work with it.

Bruce’s art is displayed in public and private collections and juried exhibitions. His pieces are displayed publicly in the Municipality of Skagway’s Museum, and Statewide in the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. His work has been featured in the Alaska Magazine and Up Here Magazine.

In Skagway:

  • A Fine Line
  • Boreal Artworks
  • Klondike Gift Supply
  • Corrington Alaskan Ivory
  • Directly from the creator