Taiya River Arts

Chris & Kathy Wassman

The Wassman’s have been carving fossil ivories and creating original artworks for over 40 years.

Raised by artists, Chris has always had a love and talent for crafting, and found his place in the business by hand-turning beautiful hardwoods into a variety of vessels and bowls, and single-handedly producing ___ out of Homestead’s 157 products. He has an eye for dynamic color and humble perfection, and every piece he creates has a story worth sharing. Their creations have been featured in Alaska shops and galleries for 39 years and more recently in their own Skagway storefront on Broadway.

Kathy Wassman has been an inspiration to her business, fellow artists, and family. She is an artisan of the intricate, and it shows in the meticulous crafting of her “New Tribe” macrame necklaces, the careful finish of her carved ivory pendants, and the striking stylistic choices that single out her jewelry sets. As an artist, she is always exploring her medium, and into her home and business life brings these qualities of creativity and positive change.

Chris and Kathy lived in Skagway for 12 years, producing art within their home studio and gallery. In 2020, with the children grown and out of high school, Chris and Kathy moved to Oregon to be closer to family. They now produce art in both their Oregon home and in their Skagway gallery along with their parents and children.

In Skagway:

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