The Local Jeweler

Murat Ozuzun

Murat Ozuzun is Armenian born and raised in Istanbul-Turkey. In 1982 rather than continuing his schooling, he decided to learn a trade.

In his early years, Istanbul didn’t have much machinery, so every piece he created was done carefully by hand. Along with his family, Murat decided to carry his new career to Los Angeles in 1985. Murat continued to train with valuable and gifted Armenian jewelers from all over the world.

After the events of 9/11 and the market crash he was offered to join a team in Skagway as a jeweler. He immediately took the offer and looked forward to the journey.

“Alaska was my dream place since I was an 8 year old boy. I didn’t know much about it besides movies and pictures, it was like a dream that came true. I fell in love with Skagway the second I stepped into it.”

Murat knew that Skagway was going to be home for a long time and has now settled permanently where he has built and owned the Local Jeweler since 2005.

“If you dream it, I’ll make it.” – Murat


In Skagway:

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