3 thoughts on “Maiden Alaska Herbals – Salves and Lip Balm

  1. I purchased some of your orders while on vacation in Icy Straits. I would like to purchase more… I noticed that some are a available on Amazon but would like to purchase them directly from you. Thanks! Paulette

    1. Hi Paulette, thank you for supporting Skagway’s local creators! Unfortunately Maiden Alaska Herbals has actually closed down their store, I apologize for it not having been removed from the Made in Skagway website yet. You can reachout to Emily at maidenalaskaherbals@yahoo.com to see if she has any products left, or you can check with Annemarie with Glacial Naturals to see if she has anything you are looking for: https://madeinskagway.org/glacial-naturals-2/

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