All local creators that make or produce their products within the Borough of Skagway are encouraged to apply for membership to the Made in Skagway program. Upon acceptance into the Made in Skagway program, members receive a profile on the Made in Skagway website, advertising & marketing support, and, most importantly, may identify their product/s as being “Made in Skagway” by using the Made in Skagway certification mark. The mark is a registered certification mark held by the Skagway Development Corporation (SDC).

New Members:

If you are one of Skagway’s many local creators and would like to become a member of the Made in Skagway program. Download the fillable New Member Application Packet and submit it and fees ($25 application fee + $10 Annual Membership Due) to the Skagway Development Corporation.

Membership Renewal: 

If you are currently one of the Made in Skagway members and need to renew your membership. Download the fillable Annual Membership Application and submit it and $10 Annual Membership due to the Skagway Development Corporation by August 31st of each year.

Online Fee Payment

2022 Annual Membership Fees

New Member
  • Price Includes:
  • – One time application fee
  • – Annual Membership fee
Renewing Member
  • Price Includes:
  • – Annual Membership fee
Skagway Studio
  • Price Includes:
  • – Annual Skagway Studio subscription fee for vendors

What is Skagway Studios?

Skagway Studios is an online Market Place exclusively for the use of our Made in Skagway members. This market place functions much like Etsy where each member has a ‘store’ that they are completely in charge of managing. From a businesses profile to inventory and shipping, Made in Skagway members can either make an online presence for the first time and avoid the hassle of establishing a website, or enhance their existing online presence with one more sale location.

The cost of utilizing the Skagway Studios services include a $30 annual subscription fee and a 10% transaction fee for all sales on the Skagway Studios site. This is in comparison to Etsy’s $.20/ item listing fee, 5% transaction fee & a 3% payment processing fee.

For questions contact SDC at: (907) 983- 3414 or

For a copy of the Made in Skagway Rules and Requirements download a copy HERE

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