About Skagway Studios Service

Made in Skagway members can make payments for their fees to Skagway Development Corporation by Cash, Check or through the PayPal options below.

Annual Skagway Studio Subscription

To help Skagway creators gain an online presence, Made in Skagway offers the Skagway Studios service to Made in Skagway members. Skagway Studios works similar to Etsy but is limited to only Made in Skagway members. Utilizing Skagway Studios, members create and maintain their own selling profile. Skagway Studios fees include an annual $30 subscription fee and a 10% transaction fee for all sales made through the Skagway Studio site.


About Skagway Studios

To support Made in Skagway members and provide local creators with an online selling avenue, Skagway Development Corporation established Skagway Studios for Made in Skagway members.

Skagway Studios is a unique marketplace created to promote Made in Skagway
members’ products by connecting buyers with the Made in Skagway products they love. Buyers come here to purchase items that were created in Skagway. Everything listed for sale on Skagway Studios must be created by a Made in Skagway member and have been created within Skagway as defined by the Made in Skagway program membership agreement.

All Made in Skagway member’s products can be sold on Skagway Studios with a few exceptions. To learn about more about Skagway Studios Policies, visit the Skagway Studios Policy page.

The cost of utilizing the Skagway Studios services include a $30 annual subscription fee and a 10% transaction fee for all sales on the Skagway Studios site. This is in comparison to Etsy’s $.20 listing fee, 5% transaction fee & a 3% payment processing fee.

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